Friday, December 10, 2004

Grinch or Griswald?

Maybe you liked the decorations on the desk, maybe you didn't. The view was a little split. Regardless of if you liked them or not, they had to go for "technical" reasons. There are two monitors in front of the desk that we use to see what is going out over the air, and what is about to go out over air. You likely have seen us look down at them from time to time in News, Weather, and Sports. With the decorations on the desk, we couldn't see them. We could barely see the clock that we watch to keep up with the timing of the show. Therefore, after 24 hours on the desk, the decorations came down. We still have the rest of the studio decorated, and it really looks good with snow, Christmas trees, and other added touches. The decorations on the desk though...are gone.

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