Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Here Come The Storms!

It's a little busy in Storm Center 12 this morning. If you watched Today In Alabama though, you would know that the line is weakening. After the horrible weather we saw the day before Thanksgiving, it is really hard to get too concerned about this storm system. I don't want to downplay it too much, we will still see a few warnings.

WSFA really takes care of the weather department here. We have all kinds of bells and whistles! We're the only station with LIVE Doppler Radar, which is REALLY helpful with fast moving storms. But even with all of these "toys", some "less expensive" tools may help the most. I'm talking about our weather watchers. They give us the "eyes" out in the viewing area. Doppler Radar keeps getting better and better, but nothing beats the human eye!

Another tool we have been using lately is something you likely use too. It's Yahoo! Messenger. We carry on a conversation with the National Weather Service throughout severe weather events to better serve the public. We know in advance when warnings will be issued, we know more about damage reports, and we track the storms together while sharing information. With all of us working together, it saves lives! And that is what really matters! That's coverage, community, commitment!

By the way... Tonya was back this morning! That's a good thing.... The show was starting to go down the drain!

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