Sunday, December 12, 2004

...Nippin' At My Nose!

We all warned you that the cold air was coming! And man, it was chilly yesterday... with winds howling at 20-30 mph and temperatures in the 40s!.... Brrrrr.

If you don't like the cold weather, I have bad news for you... It's going to colder! We hinted at some very cold air coming down from the North, and it still looks like it could happen. How cold??? I think we'll see a large part of the area with overnight lows in the low 20s, with some areas in the upper teens!

Guess what "cold weather haters"? It looks even colder next week (7-10 days out). It's always hard to forecast that far out, but I wanted to give the "insiders" that read the Blog what we are talking about in Storm Center 12.

By the way, some parts of the state could see a few flakes falling in the next two weeks! Stay tuned....

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