Monday, December 06, 2004

They Got It Back!

Mix 103 got the Trophy back on the Trivia challenge! Dr. Sam and Susan were out of the room when we went LIVE to them this morning. We popped up the shot and they weren't there! In about 2 seconds, Susan sits down to answer the question. Being that Dr. Sam was out of the room still, she had an edge to finally get the answer right!

As I posted in an earlier post, the questions that will be given this week to Tonya and Judd by Dr. Sam and Susan are going to be ridiculously hard! Watch and see....

Anyways, I didn't get the call today. It would be cool to have the baby today. Why??? Because today is "officially" my son's birthday. We celebrated Saturday, but today is his birthday. He had the honor to drive the bus today on Today In Alabama. For those that watch everyday, you know that is the highest of all honors!!!

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