Tuesday, March 29, 2005

More Storms?

Sorry I am posting late today. Got a little behind on some things! Can you believe we have another chance of severe weather Thursday into Friday? It's getting ridiculous! When we had our first severe weather event (last week) I told everyone that the Storm Prediction Center only puts us in a "Moderate" risk of severe weather a few times a year. They are now hinting at classifying us into a "moderate" risk again on Thursday... lasting until Friday. This would be the third time in just over a week! That's wild!

As usual, we got good and bad emails about the severe weather coverage on Easter. A lot of people wrote our General Manager telling him how great the coverage was, but we had some that said we should never cut into regular programming. We had many more good than bad though! I still believe a lot more people appreciate the coverage! If you have a bad email to send... you can send it to rvaughan@wsfa.com ... so that I can immediately delete it! If you have good things to say, you can email Hoyt Andres at handres@wsfa.com :) He's my boss!

I'm signing off for now. Check the pictures below if you missed them... HAVE A GREAT DAY & ENJOY THE SUNSHINE!!!!

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