Monday, April 04, 2005

Gas Prices!!!

Below you will find some funny cartoons that were sent to me from "Carrie". I won't put her last name in case she "blogs" on company time! Can you believe the prices today? $2.20 in some places around town! Are you kidding me!

I understand that prices can't be the same as they were in "old days", but why hasn't there been a bigger push to have cars become all electric, or hydrogen powered, or better yet... trash powered like "Back To The Future". That would be cool! I really would like to have one of the "hybrid" cars that get a billion miles to the gallon, but they are not cheap and they don't make them in trucks (I don't think).

How bad is your gas bill? I drive about 17-20 miles to work one way. I spend about $40 dollars a week. That really adds up when you think about $160 a month! $160 dollars a month hurts! Anywho, if you feel like telling me how much you spend, I'd like to share it with everyone...

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Have a great Monday! Get out and enjoy the sunshine!!!

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