Friday, April 01, 2005

Great Idea!

Sorry that the blog has been so crazy lately! I have had a lot folks say they liked the pictures though! I got this picture this morning from "Jim" in Auburn. He said the carport was already filled with other cars, so this is how he protected his 300 Z. Not too Shabby Jim! I'll have to remember this next time hail is heading in my direction. A tarp, a few chair cushions, and some pine straw! Great setup, make sure you patent that idea soon!

Tomorrow I am going to be out at Eastdale Mall with the National Weather Service, Emergency Management Agency, and other media greeting the public to make sure everyone knows what to do when severe weather strikes. After the past two weeks though... I think we all know! Anywho, come out and say howdy! Who knows, if you mention you read the blog, I might have a gift for you! (while supplies last... which isn't long!) We'll be out there at about 10:00 am. (I'm not sure where though!...up for a game of Where's Waldo???)

Well, I hope you had a great week. I'll show you the "Gas Price" cartoons next week. Until then... feel free to email me at HAVE A GREAT FRIDAY!!!! WOO-HOO

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