Friday, May 20, 2005

좋은, 얌전한, 친절한, 선량한, 완전한, 행복한, 적합한, 유능한, 유효한, 충분한, 강한 아침, 초기

It's a big day across the state and country! Former President Bush wouldn't be here if it wasn't a big deal! I got the opportunity to drive by Hyundai a few weeks back and was shocked to see how big that building!This car factory has brought a lot of jobs to the area and will likely bring more in the future. It's hard to believe that Alabama makes Hondas, Benzs, and Hyundais.... It's like we are the new Michigan of the South! In the Nashville Area, the street that the Nissan plant is located on has blown up with businesses! Look for Hyundai Blvd to do the same in the next couple of years! I predict several restaurants and some shopping to be there in the very near future... By the way, did you notice the Korean title to today's blog post?.... ALL of that stuff for "Good Morning"! How long does it take to write a letter in Korea?!?! LOL (I understand some computers will not show the Korean letters... so if you see little rectangles, your computer can't show Korean letters!) Anywho, the news department has some great coverage ahead for today's event... Rich and Jeff will be in Storm Center 12 waiting for storms to fire up. (I've got to leave work early this morning.) Some of the storms could be strong today, so keep a close eye on Super Doppler 12. It's down on the left side of this page now! Just click it for a larger image. So have any of you checked out the "other blogs" on the left side of the page? If so, what do you think? Email me your thoughts at ALSO, our featured Blog Reader of the week can be found below! Check it out!!!

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