Saturday, June 11, 2005

Today Looks Nasty...

Well I got up early on this Saturday to get geared up for Arlene. I even made a little trip to Waffle House! We are doing LIVE updates throughout the day to keep all of you informed. My vacation got cut short because of Arlene, so she is already an enemy of mine! I did have a couple of nice days in Nashville though. For the latest information on Arlene, click the hurricane on the left side of the page or keep it tuned to WSFA. We have a fully staffed Storm Center and a crew at the beach to give you the latest information. I will also check my email throughout the day at I will try to email you back, but keep in mind that we are a little busy here.

One last note.... This is NOT another Ivan. This storm is much weaker, but still something to watch carefully!

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