Saturday, June 11, 2005

Video Reports From The Beach

It's about 2:30 pm and I wanted to blog for a third time today on Arlene (then I'm getting a nap!) As you probably know the wind has not been too terribly bad along the coast, but our friends at have found out that the storm surge has been a little more impressive than we may have anticipated. This is unfortunate because of all of the work that has been done on our beautiful beaches in the past 9 months since Ivan. Here's a video link that shows you what is going on at the beach in the past hour or so. As you will see, it's not a day to be at the beach:

Arlene's Storm Surge 11:05 AM

Arlene's Storm Surge 2:17 PM

As always, feel free to email me at and get the latest information from Rich and Jeff this afternoon on WSFA 12 News.

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