Monday, July 25, 2005

Good Monday!

This is likely a image that has been seen around the office today! It is days like this that I ask myself "Why do I live in Alabama?" This place gets so hot!!! I came from Nashville and we get our fair share of hot days, but the heat combined with the humidity here in Alabama is hideous! I guess when winter rolls around and my parents are complaining about driving in an ice storm, I can sit back and smile... knowing that wintry weather is rare here. By the way, our AC bit the bullet on the way to visit some friends in Auburn Saturday... Yippe! Take it easy out there today... Try to stay indoors! Now to the shuttle launch...

The space shuttle Discovery is set to launch tomorrow morning at 9:39 am central time. The STS-114 crew is back and geared up for the launch tomorrow. Check the homepage for the mission by clicking here. I'll be posting the LIVE link to the launch tomorrow!!! Stay tuned!

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