Sunday, August 14, 2005

Pictures From The Coliseum

The view from The Coliseum is awesome. I think Nashville has one of the best looking skylines in the country. It's even better once the sun goes down (see Friday's post!)

Early in the game a storm was passing just to our South and East. We had a few sprinkles and it made the game much more comfortable! The high temperature in Nashville on Friday was about 100 degrees! With the brief sprinkle and gusty breeze from the North... the game was very nice... almost cool! The last time my wife was at a Titans game was for The Music City Miracle! Apparently she needs to go to more games!

As promised, I kept an eye out for what Carnell Williams would do in his NFL debut. There wasn't much to see! The coach only played him for one play and he didn't even get the ball! Apparently"Chucky" wanted to see how the other backs would be in the game. Here's an article out of Tampa Bay about the short drive from the Cadillac Friday night... Click here. He may have his starting position threatened! By the way... there were a lot of people there with Auburn gear on... I hope they live in Nashville and did not come up from Alabama to see ONE play! That would be a bummer for them...

The main reason we went to this preseason game was to watch my mother-in-law perform at halftime. She and 175 of the Jazzercise girls (and 1 guy) shook their tail in front of tens of thousands. I'm guessing all of them were nervous. I know I would be!!! They really did a great job!
As you can see, my oldest son and his "P-Sam" paid close attention to the game to see how good or bad the Titans would be this year. I really think we have a Titans fan in the making!
Football season has officially begun in my mind! I can't wait to go to some of the high school games on Fridays, college games on Saturdays, and Titans games on Sundays! I can now smell the pigskin! As always, feel free to email me at

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