Saturday, September 24, 2005

Post Landfall Thoughts...

Well, it is Saturday morning and Rita made landfall on the Texas-Louisiana state line last night. I was up a good part of the night watching the storm come in and watching Houston get spared. I'm afraid to see what Lakes Charles, Louisiana looks like this morning. As expected, part of New Orleans went under water again with heavy rain and levee breaks. Hurricanes are becoming a real pain in (tail end)....

I've been sick the past few days. You may have noticed that my voice has been struggling on-air. I can't even think of the last time I called in sick. I'm not real big on calling in if I think I can make it through a newscast. I stay contained in my own little corner to avoid getting others sick. PLUS, we had a major hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico. There was no way you could keep me away from monitoring that booger!

I think I'm paying the price for not resting up though... I have no voice this morning and I'm real congested. Will I rest today? NO WAY!!! I'm off to cheer on my Western Kentucky Hilltoppers against Auburn! I know we'll get killed, but I at least need to be there!

If you are going to some games today, take a poncho. We have a good slug of moisture moving in from Rita. We could even see some tornadoes in parts of Alabama, especially out West.

Have a good weekend, and GO BIG RED!

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