Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Good Ole Gerber!

Jeff is a good friend of mine. If you have been a long-time blog reader, then you know we constantly pick on each other, prank call each other, and terrorize each other whenever possible. With that said, I found the best freeze-frame I could find to post on the blog tonight. HA! Gotcha Gerber!

Anywho, Jeff did share some good info this morning that a lot of folks don't know or either forget. This is typically the driest month of the year. March is typically the wettest. That's why it has been so dry lately... because it is suppose to be!!!

It's a good thing that October is typically the driest month because it really helps farmers. Cotton doesn't need a lot of rain during this time of the harvest season. Have you ever seen cotton after a good soaking? The bolls don't look so good... Peanuts also do not need a lot of rain because they will become rotten. Rotten peanuts are no good! I don't know that first hand, but it sure does sounds nasty! (Sidenote: I did eat boiled peanuts for the first time a few weeks ago...yummy!)

Well, It's way past my bedtime... Good thing I don't work tomorrow. I'm still off work. Gerber will continue to hold down the fort.

Take care,

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