Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Slopes Are OPEN For Business!

Here's a live webcam of Appalachian Ski Mountian in North Carolina. That is not man made snow either... that's the REAL deal! Seeing this snow makes me miss snow again!

I can't wait for Thanksgiving this year. We are getting the ENTIRE family together for the first time in years. I hope to take some pictures to post on the blog at some point. You would be highly entertained if you saw a Vaughan get-together. . . From the duck call practice to arguments between my uncles... there is always something entertaining! I'm sure I'll have some stories to share later this week.

Gerber is going to hold down the Fort in the mornings over the next few days. Many of you may have heard and for those that haven't... Gerber is leaving us to go back to Louisiana. His last day here at WSFA will be next week. I'll talk more about Gerber and what he has meant to us here at WSFA next week, but I wanted to tell you guys in advance so that you can write him a note and tell him good luck. He's a great guy and a great friend. Maybe I'll share some funny stories next week! In the meantime, drop him a nice note at jgerber@wsfa.com I know many of you would like to say something to him before he shuts down his email next week.

Take care and have a good Tuesday... I'm off to GRUB at the annual WSFA Pig-Out!

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