Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Thanks Uncle Tommy-In-Law!!!

If you ever see me out in my "casual" clothes, then there is a high chance you have seen me in my Nashville Fire Department shirt. I LOVE my Nashville Fire shirt. I got it a few years ago from my Uncle Tommy-In-Law... If it's clean, then I'm wearing it... Heck, even if it is dirty and smells good... I'll wear it. Needless to say, it's getting a little old (see shirt on the right).

My Uncle Tommy-In-Law mailed me a new one!!! Rock on!!! I'll have to post another picture of the front of the the shirt too... it has a logo with the Nashville skyline. It's awesome!

I'm a proud Nashvillian and a proud relative of one of the paramedics within the Nashville Fire Department. I sure hope I never need their help, but if I do... I'm in good hands, even if Uncle Tommy-In-Law is a nut!!!

Take care,

PS- If you are reading this Tommy... You're a cool cat, despite what your brother says!!!

PSS- I have a "Real" Uncle Tommy too... He's just as nuts.

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