Monday, April 10, 2006

Back From Vacation!

Good Tuesday everyone! I'm back at work today after taking several days off to go visit family in the Seattle/Tacomo area. As some of you know, my sister and brother-in-law moved there last year because he is in the Army and got stationed there. He is currently in Iraq. While we were there to mainly see family (including my newborn niece!), we got to do some site seeing too! Here are some of the pictures...
One of the many ferries that travel in the area.
A look at Downtown Seattle from the Space Needle! The Space Needle was a VERY cool place to visit as you might imagine!
We spent one day in Mt. Vernon where the Tulip Festival was taking place. It was quite a site!
They not only had Tulips, but daffodils too. We took advantage and made a family picture.
This is a look at Mt. Rainier as we were heading to the top.
The snow was HIGH on our way up to Mt. Rainier. Look at the street sign!
A look from the top at Paradise.
This is the Ranger Station at Paradise. That is some snow!!!
Here is my oldest son holding his new cousin.
My oldest son and my oldest niece went to the Zoo... The Polar Bear was AWESOME!
Both of my boys and niece at the Space Needle. They had a great time...
This is looking down to KOMO 4 news from the Space Needle. They were taping Grey's Anatomy on the helipad.
Here is my ugly mug at the Space Needle, with Downtown in the background.
Here is the Grand Canyon as we were flying home....
I hope you enjoyed!

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