Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bring It On!!!

From the famous words of The Rocks.... Bring IT! I'm talking about the rain that we are expecting to roll through here over the next couple of days. We should see two rounds. One round will come late tonight and tomorrow (Thursday) morning. This round is not as impressive as the second round that will come through late Thursday into Friday morning. In any case, I think some places may get over 2" of rain in some locations! The HPC also believes that we are going to get some beneficial rain... Take a look at their three day outlook of rain...

Here is some good news too. At this point it does not appear that we will see a whole lot in the way of severe weather! That is GREAT news... I'm not totaling ruling out severe weather because it is still April, but the main threat is going to be to our South. You can checkout the outlooks from the Storm Prediction Center here if you want to read more....

Take care and keep rain dancing!


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