Sunday, April 16, 2006

Great Weekend (kind of)

My dad and stepmom were in town this past weekend and they bought the boys a wooden swing set. Have you ever put together a swing set? The instructions say to allow yourself 6-12 hours to set this booger up and we laughed when we first read that! After see the bag of bolts, I knew that it might just take that long!!! The bag looked like a 2 gallon freezer bag and weighed about 20 lbs!

My dad and I spent all of Saturday afternoon (and evening) putting this sucker together. We were pretty tired this morning during church services! The above picture is one that my stepmom took as we were fighting with one half of the contraption...

What made it even worse was the wind! Everytime we looked at the instructions (yes, we looked at them!) we had to flip around the pages that were messed up from the wind.

It's together now though! Yippee.... The boys are loving it too!

In other news, since my sister was added to my list of blogs, her counter has climbed... Especially from people in Alabama. I didn't know you Alabamians were still bloggin with me! Howdy to yah!!! Anywho, my sister decided she needed to embarrass me.... you may want to go check it out!

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