Monday, May 15, 2006

Email is Back!

Sweet! My email is back up and going! I'm not sure if Raycom fixed it or if someone called Al Gore, but the problem has been resolved! WooHoo....

I can't figure out if I "lost" the emails that were sent from the weekend or if they are slowly trickling in.... We'll see.

Anywho, speaking of Al Gore.... If you want a good laugh, click here. At least the dude has a good sense of humor!

Take care,

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Brandon said...

Hey Ryan, read the blog every day. Im WeatherDudeB from middle Tennessee and always enjoy reading your blog. I will post your blog on our weather forum... .

Again, Love the blog. Vote Gore 2008!


MOM said...

I have never really understood how emails travel anyhow...some of them might get lost like regular mail, I think and years later show up in a newspaper saying how a fifty year old email finally arrived from an ancester.
I know that the email I sent to you about the baby squirrel being adopted by the mommy Papillion with a new litter of babies came back to me. Now where did I put that? Don't worry...I will send it again. LOL. Love, MOM