Sunday, May 14, 2006


So check this out... Our corporate offices (and server room) were flooded by a busted pipe down in my old stomping grounds in Montgomery, AL. (Click here for more info) I have not had email since Friday!!! I'm going nuts people! Just think if someone just shut down the entire internet... Wouldn't that be horrible!

By the way, did Al Gore really invent the internet? If so, can someone call him and tell him to fix my email! LOL

FYI- If you sent me an email, I did not get it!

I guess I'll tell everyone to just post comments on my blog instead of emailing me....


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Stacy said...

I know y'all are BUMMED about the email thing. We couldn't believe it when we heard about it on the news. UNBELIEVABLE pain for soooooo many.

Hope it's all restored soon!

Pipes. Sheesh.