Monday, May 08, 2006


I've been a slacker lately! There has not been a whole lot to talk about.... I do have some big news though... We hired a new meteorologist here at KAIT. SHE starts here in a couple of weeks. In the next couple of days I will tell you more about her and what brings her to Region 8. I will tell you that she grew up watching K8 news!

In other news, I have added something that I have left off my blog for most of it's life... I added a comments section! I did this so that you guys can generate things and ideas for me to blog about... What's going on out there? What do you guys and gals want to chat about???

Have a great evening and get ready for some bumpy weather over the next couple of days!



Stacy said...

Yay Me! I'm first to comment!

Glad you have this here. You'll like it.

Hint - you should definitely find the option that requires people to enter a little code (look at the "comments" section of your dashboard) so that you don't get spammed by weird little automated commenters trying to advertise.

Of course if you have it set to "approve comments" before they actually post, you might not need the code thing.

Hope things are going well!

Stacy in Alabama

"The Glenifer" said...

Nevermind, I'm on the phone with you as I write this. You have to have a lot of patience to deal with Blogger right now, but I finally made it here, so I'm gonna write something anyway.

Like I was saying, tell us what you know about China making "fake weather".


Breannan said...

I miss you Ryan!!

Breannan from Prattville, AL.

MOM said...

This is your Mom...I'm shooting a pic of the PINK statuette of the little girl which I received on Mothers Day in 1975 (before you were born but which has been on my desk for decades) which says: "I Wuv You" for proof of my comment on your sister's blog!

Your trouble was with R's. Your sister was with L's. Thank God
for speech therapists.

Rainy and windy today on Music Row,but heading to Arkansas soon for a visit. Love ya'll. MOM