Monday, June 05, 2006

Charity Softball Game

Thank you so much Region 8!!! We had a great turnout for the Charity Softball Game this past weekend! We raised over $1500 dollars for the folks in Marmaduke that were hit by the tornado. I must admit that I was only expecting a few hundred dollars to come from this event and all of you from Region 8 really stepped up to the plate. Here are some of the images from the event in case you missed it on the news....

First off... here's my way of keeping the sun off my neck!
When you have an umbrealla hat on... it is hard to run!
Below is Yalanda talking some TRASH! Did you hear that Stafford and Frigo!!!Speaking of Frigo... He REALLY surprised me with how good he is at softball!
Stafford was acting as nutty as ever...Rick Christian from Z100 was not too shabby either... He must play regularly....


Take care,

Final Score: Krazy 8's-18, Triple FM Swingers-13

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Mom said...

Congratulations on the big win!
It is wonderful how much money was raised for such a worthy cause.
Nice umbrella ballcap, just needs a fan with it, if it has been like Nashville's weather of rainy whilst hot. Today was perfect
weather, though. Made a Monday better than normal --that plus a son and little grandson calling me.
Love, Mom