Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Attention Football Fans!

The above image is a live look at Stadium Cam. There is a good chance that it is currently pointed at the football field of Indian Stadium at ASU. We have had a TON of people calling and emailing us to keep the camera pointed at the field while they put in the new turf, so that is why it will be pointed down over the next couple of days.

This whole football thing goes full circle. This blog has readers from Alabama, Tennesse, Arkansas, and a few other spots. This year ASU plays Troy (which is in AL), Auburn (also in Bama), and they play MTSU (located in TN, of course). Out of those three games, only the MTSU game will be played at Indian Stadium.

I'm not sure who I will pull for in those three games... My sister is a MTSU grad. Auburn was BLAST to watch when I lived in Bama and I kind of became a fan. (WAR EAGLE!!!) And Troy...well...hmmm.... I'll probably pull for ASU on that one! Sorry Trojan fans!

Anywho, I'm sure some of you will want to spout off in the comments section. Feel free... just keep it clean!

By the way... I'm a WKU grad, so watchout ASU fans when basketball season rolls around. I'll be talking some TRASH! Hopefully one day we'll play footbal against each other too!


Anonymous said...


You should of learned when you lived in Alabama... don't mess with the Trojans! They took down Missiouri on national TV!!! WATCH ASU!

"The Glenifer" said...

Saturday afternoon, November 11th. It's a date, OK? Can we make our reservations for the air bed now?

Go Blue Raiders!

Anonymous said...

War Eagle from P'ville!!

Anonymous said...

War Eagle!! and GO TROJANS!! from WSFA Country :)

Anonymous said...



WSFA viewer

Stacy said...

Oh good! Now I know a little bit more about ASU that will be playing Auburn. I always like to know a little bit about the team that I will be pulling for :) GO ASU!

ROLLLLLL TIDE :) - and go Trojans!

Anonymous said...

It's a shame the station can't live up to what you've promised because the stadium cam has NOT shown the stadium field in over three days and the turf is coming along nicely. Perhaps ASU should reconsider allowing that camera on their stadium tower.