Saturday, July 01, 2006

Puke Family

Wednesday morning my youngest son started puking. Thursday morning my oldest son started puking. Thursday night my wife started puking. I started feeling the "puke" feeling during the 10:00 news Thursday night. Could you tell? I actually left the newscast early. That's why I was not there at the end. By Friday, we were all sick in bed. None of us really moved all day. It was horrible. It's Saturday now and we are all feeling better. We still feel a little weak, but I guess that is from not eating all day yesterday. I don't wish this on anyone!

Hopefully we will all feel like going to the fireworks in Paragould tonight.

Take care,


Stacy said...

Aw man. I'm really sorry. Hope you're all ready for the fireworks and have a great time!

DRINK WATER AND STAY HYDRATED!!!! (sorry. I know you know this but I'm a Mom and can't help myself)

Diane said...

Bless your hearts, I feel for you. I'd rather have almost any ailment besides vomiting. I'd rather bleed then puke, honestly. I hope you're all much better tonight, and able to go get hot, sweaty, skeeter-bit, but "4th of July happy" seeing the fireworks tonight at Paragould. ;-)

You didn't have Jen to help this time, huh? :-)

Mom said...

There is something like this going around in Nashville right just puts you totally out of life for a day or two.
So far we've not caught it but I have been spraying Lysol around the office every day.
Happy you all are healthy again!
Love, Mom