Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's PIE Day!

It's pie day at KAIT and I have been making a pie! There is a contest to see who has the "prettiest" pie. My pie may not be the "prettiest", but that sucker is going be GOOD! That's what matters...right?

One of the rules in the contest is that the"employee" has to make the pie. Well, here is proof that I made the pie!



Andrew said...

LOL...I bet your wife will finish taking the picture then step back to the counter and finish the pie...A video is better proof since the photo is only showing you with a spoon in a bowl..

Ok enough of that I know "YOU WILL make the pie after all cheating is not the Vaughan way...

I hope you can win the contest Ryan, be sure to check the bottom of everyones pie pan and make sure it doesnt say Betty

Good Luck and save a piece for the Sloan's

Graciejo said...

Did you have help? And, thats not FROG pie is it?

Jace said...

Are you putting beans in that pie?

Anonymous said...

Why are you wearing a hat in the house? You know better!

Mom said...

Now that you've become a pie-maker extraordinaire, please bring one of your pies to the next holiday dinner! I'll bet it was GOOD.

Love, Mom/Meemaw

Diane said...

Okay, what kind was it, how'd it turn out, and who won???? ;D

Andrew said...

Who's Pie WON?

Wasnt able to watch the evening news last night, so I dont know if it was mentioned or not.

PS: did you save any?