Thursday, August 10, 2006

Way To Go Terror Busters!!!

It looks like we may have busted up a terror plot. I'm still very concerned that they did not arrest everyone though. That's the scary part. Maybe with the airport security rules that started this morning, we will still be safe.

Here's the thing I found interesting when I woke up this morning. At first, they were not allowing baby bottles on flights! Can you imagine flying from the UK to the US with a baby... without a bottle! It took about one hour for them to start allowing bottles for babies. I'm sure there were a few mommies that "went off" on airport security when they heard that new rule!

Anywho...I'm going to get back to watching 5 people talk at once on Fox News. I'm also going to finish my coffee. It's FRESH this morning!

What are your thoughts about the Terror Bust? Feel free to comment...

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Andrew said...

I think its great that they can find this infromation out and put it to good use, such as catching these 20+ people that wanted to inflict harm to the world.

I hope they are treated the way they were going to treat so many others.

WTG on the FRESH COFFEE this morning.

Stacy said...

I say "YAY UK!" I know there are alot of liberal Brits that don't particularly like our alliance with them but I am proud of the work they have done to save so many lives today! We should all be thanking God today for His mercy!

Ya and my pro-breastfeeding self would like to take this opportunity to remind Moms that nursing their babies for long periods of time (at least til 1 year of age) has NUMEROUS benefits, including the lesser-thought-of emergency situations. During that "no bottles on board" time-frame, nursing Moms would have no problems. (And what if the terrorists realize we have this "loophole"??)

A couple of years ago I was driving to Birmingham to pick up a friend from the airport and we got stuck in one of those HORRIBLE stalls after a big 18-wheeler wrecked. We were stranded on the Interstate for over 4 hours! And when I say "we" I mean me, my then-8-year-old daughter and my then-1-year-old son. He was old enough that I didn't need to "pack a lunch" because we were going to eat in Birmingham but young enough to be MISERABLE in a 4 hour sit-in on the Interstate. HOW THANKFUL I WAS to be able to nurse that baby. He was probably the most comfortable person on the Interstate that day.

Anyway, like I said, this is just a reminder and an encouragement that BREASTFEEDING IS AWESOME (I was gonna say breastfeeding is "the bomb" but thought that would be a bad choice of words today! LOL)

Graciejo said...

My first question this morning about liquids on airplanes was what about baby formula? I did hear that in one airport they were requesting that moms take a drink of the formula out of the bottle. Better yet let the baby drink a bit. Unfortunaltley all mothers can not breastfeed, and what about dads that might be traveling with their children? I hope everyone remembers to be patient with the security people in the airport, they are doing their jobs, not trying to specifically irritate you.

Andrew said...

Hey Ryan 407 hits away from 100,000 woohoo wtg!!!

Did you ever figure out what you were going to do when the hit meter gets to 6 digits?