Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dancing With The Stars!

My wife is hooked on this show. Where else can you find Emmit Smith, Jerry Springer, and AC Slater cut a rug?

That's all I have to say tonight.

Have a great evening,


Aunt Faye said...

Your wife is not the only one that likes Dancing with the Stars. I am a reality TV junky. I watch just about all of them. Better then some to the stuff they put on at night. My husband, Mike says that if they didn't have those shows on, I wouldn't watch anything. So you could just about say it's in her blood. Tell her to enjoy cause I will.

Graciejo said...

So is your wifes mother, sister, neice, and your sons. so you know what we will be talkin about on the phone! PS Rock on Mike Boogie! lol

Stacy said...

I LOVE this show! DWTS is great and I am SUCH an Emmitt fan now (my hubby has always really liked him but for different reasons! LOL)
Oh, and he's dancing with my fave pro - CHERYL! She is awesome!

I think Mario is doing the best dancing right now but he's not my favorite. I hope Springer is gone next week. I can't stand him or anything he does on TV. Blech.

There aren't any girls worth a flip this year. I wish they could bring back the OTHER TALL STACY :)