Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Finally, Some Kid Pictures!

Some of you have been telling me to put some pictures of the kids on the blog. I agree, it has been awhile. Well, my sister ("Sissy", to the boys) came into town for a few days and we ventured out to Chuck E. Cheese last night. These are the pictures that she took while we were there. She may post some pics on her blog too... It is linked on the left side of the page.

In other news, I still feel a little "cruddy", but I'm getting better. The voice is still a little rough and it appears that we may see a little severe weather tonight too. Don't worry, it will not be anything like last Friday. So far we have had 4 of the tornadoes from Friday classified. We had two F1 tornadoes and two F2 tornadoes. The tornadoes in Clay, Green Lawrence, and Dunklin counties have yet to be classified I believe.

If you want to see a little summary of the last Friday's coverage... click here.

For those of you wondering... I have been off for the past couple of days and I am suppose to be off today. Weather permitting!



Graciejo said...

Them's my boys. Looks like y'all had fun at the rat.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics of your boys, besides thinking your super when comes to truth reporting, love how you take pride in your family and share with us.......Sherry Kersey Corning

nana & poppy said...

Thanks for putting up the pictures,it is great to see pictures of the boys. Tell Jennifer(sister) she should visit more often if it will get you to post more pictures. Take care!!:)

Aunt Faye said...

My gosh, what are you feeding those boys, they have grown so much. I remember those Chuckee Cheese days. Oh what fun. Thanks Jennifer Jill for taking the pics. I love to see the boys on the blog. I check it everday. I guess you could say that I'm a blog junkie. Just keep them coming. Ryan hope you are feeling better.

Sissy said...

Gracie, Nana, Poppy, & Faye- We wish you were there! We had a lot of fun, but truth be told, we were a couple of shorthanded amateurs without Jennifer. (It was bunko night.)

We forgot the diaper bag, and Ryan had to run over to Target within minutes of our arrival at the rat.

Ryan posted the best pictures, so I'll work on getting some video edited and uploaded to YouTube. I didn't tape anything at Chuck E's, but I've got some good footage of them pretending to be Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart doing laps through the house.