Saturday, September 30, 2006

"Little"Camping Trip...

We took the boys camping last night, for the first time. We had a great time! The boys enjoyed the outdoors, cooking on the fire, and playing frisbee. We only stayed one night, so that we could see how well the boys would like it. They loved it, SO... next time, we are going to stay for few days. I have a lot going on for the next few weeks, so I'm not sure when the "next time" will come!

I can remember doing a lot of camping when I was growing up. We would camp on the islands at Percy Priest Lake or head up to Land Between the Lakes where we would camp and deer hunt. I have a lot of great memories of camping with my Dad and I hope that my boys will have a lot of great memories of camping too! Enjoy the pictures!

Setting Up Camp

The Start of the Hike!

Swinging Bridge!!!

We Need Those For The S'Mores!!!

Is that S'More or Pop Tart on your face?


Jace said...
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Diane said...

I love to camp, and should be going again in a few weeks. My sister is talking about going down to Murfreesboro to camp, and going diamond-hunting while we're there. I hope it'll be nice fall weather.

Looks like your boys took to camping like a duck to water. Hope you have many more memorable camping trips.

Anonymous said...

Oh Ryan, What a beautiful family you have!!! With the things you and your wife are doing to build memories in those children, you will one day see they think of you as fondly as you do your father and his tender teaching moments. Sherry Corning

Graciejo said...

What a great time for you guys. My best childhood memories are camping. Keep a scrapbook of all your trips, you will love the memories even more in years to come.

Pam said...

What awesome pictures! Looks like the family had a great time. I can't wait for my husband and I to have kids so that we can do the same thing. God Bless