Thursday, September 21, 2006

Quite A Day...

Well, the day started this morning at 4:45 am... My wife, kids, and I went to the Armory in Paragould to see the "Charlie" company of the 875th battalion leave for Iraq. My wife was helping with the Family Support group last night and this morning and I was doing liveshots from the Paragould location for KAIT. I was going to be there anyways, so I figured I would do the liveshots too. Some of you may not know this, but I'm an emotional dude. I almost broke down a few times on-air... luckily I held it together.

Sue McGowan from the Chamber made a very good point this morning... She said "we are going to put this day behind us now and focus on the day they return!" I could not agree more! It's going to be an AMAZING party when they come home!!!

I finished the day very patriotic, as well. My friend, Greg, and I went to Harding University to hear my "main man" , Sean Hannity, speak to the campus. As you can see from the short clip below, we had really good seats at Benson Auditorium. (I've got connections! LOL) I'm a big Conservative, SO as you can imagine, I had a great time. It does not matter if you are a "lefty" or a "right-winger"... Hannity is a great speaker. For you Alabama readers, he said he still holds Alabama close to his heart. That's where he started out his career! (I'm sure my "lefty" sister will comment now!) By the way, the clip below is Sean telling us what he thinks Bush needs to work on... (See Sis', he is Fair and Balanced!)

Anywho... I'll be working on a post about the Severe Weather coming in next... Stay tuned!


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So-Called Lefty Sister said...

I wouldn't call you a big conservative, but more of a medium one.

You don't have the Kool-Aid stains all around your mouth; just a little tint at the corners of your lips.