Monday, September 11, 2006

Riding In The Combine!

Some of you may have grown up on a farm, but I was rarely around big tractors or combines. I was a "city boy" that grew up in Nashville, TN. Seeing a combine when I was a kid was rare.

Well, I finally bugged my friend Chad Duckworth (who works at Rice Tec) so much that he took me out to the fields today! It was an awesome experience for this "City Slicker" to ride in a combine. I want to say "thanks" to Jerry, Chris, and Michael Riggs for letting me tag along today. The rain cut the day short, but here's a short clip of what it is like to ride in a combine to cut rice. Enjoy...


Blake Wylie said...

Very cool. That brings back memories. I used to ride on the neighbor's combine growing up. When I say neihbor...the ones down the road...about a mile away. lol

"The Glenifer" said...

Even with the roar of the engines, that view of the rice field stretching out all around you looks so serine and relaxing.