Saturday, October 14, 2006

Bad News...

Tony will not returning from Iraq today. He will now be returning on Monday at noon... Thanks US Army.... thanks.

I should have more time to blog tonight or tomorrow. My next blog will be about disciplining you kids... A trip to Chik-fil-a brought this to the surface! Argh!!!!



Anonymous said...

Ryan -

How about Vandy beating Georgia? My daughter and her husband are both Vandy grads and now live in Chattanooga. Needless to say they were very excited.

Hoyt "Your former boss" Andres

Mom said...

What a huge disappointment this is that Tony's arrival got a delay! I hope the extra time goes by without a hitch and he's on home ground tomorrow by lunch time.
GodSpeed to Tony! Welcome Back!!!

Now what did my two little angel boys do that was so bad?

Love and Hugs, Mom/Meemaw

Graciejo said...

But he is coming in on Chloe's 5th birthday, how terrific is that?

Stacy said...


Anonymous said...

One of Prattville's former football players, Stephen Bicknell, was killed in Iraq on Sunday. He was only 19, and his wife is 5 months pregnant.

Stacy said...

Just to clarify (so that I don't look like a maroon!)

When I said, "Soooo" I certainly wasn't making a comment in a negative way like, "So what?" I was just trying to say, "So....what's the latest?" And when I posted my comment, there weren't any others posted here. The way it ended up on this list makes it look like I'm saying, "So what?" about Tony coming home on Chloe's birthday. I certainly did NOT intend that.

Thanks for letting me get this comment out there...makes me feel a little bit better :) I'm SURE it puts everyone else's minds at ease, too! LOL

You know me, always wanting to be a people-pleaser! HA!

Seriously, I'm thrilled to hear that Tony is home. With our friend Brad dying over there and now hearing about the boy from Prattville, it just reminds us how very fortunate EVERY soldier is when he/she gets to come home.