Thursday, October 05, 2006

Good Thursday!

Good Thursday everyone! We're having a great morning at the Vaughan house. My oldest son has a friend over and they are running around all over the house having a good time. This is my "Friday", so that's always a good thing too!

We finally got on board with "Ebay". We have always had friends that have sold things on Ebay, but we have always waited for a good ole' yard sale. We decided to sell all of the nursery decorations from the nursery. If it has "Rainbow Fish" on it, we had it. Now, we are selling it all! Crib set, curtains, lamp shade... you name it. If you want some Rainbow Fish stuff... checkout Ebay!

I'm going to sign off now. I'm heading up to Adam's Nursery to get some flowers and such for the Barton's Weather Deck! We are going to make it look a little more like "Fall". Be on the lookout for that!

Anywho... Have a great day. If you missed my second flub this week... click here. I think I swallowed a bug or insulation or something.



Stacy said...

You never disappoint :)

I have some snake oil lozenges!!! LOL

Brian Tritch said...

I didn't find anything you named off on ebay. What's it listed as or I think you can look it up with your username if you want to give it out?

Vicki Lemonds said...

I used to sell lots of stuff on eBay. Haven't lately, but it CAN be a good source of extra income. :)

Anonymous said...

e-Bay is great! My husband has an e-bay store and usually makes enough to pay our mortgage payment each month. BTW, the houses in our neighborhood - your old neighborhood - (Prattville) are selling like crazy. Good luck selling!