Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I Just Carved Shrek...

I'm off work today for Halloween. I wanted to show you what I have been doing... After a fierce morning for Ping Pong with my friends, it was back to carving some pumpkins! Enjoy!



Diane said...

I think this one is your best effort so far, Ryan. :-)

Happy Halloween to you, J. and the boys. Have a good and safe time trick or treating tonight. ;D

Aunt Faye said...

I love the Shrek pumpkin. You rock at this. I carved a pumpkin last night with the boys and had a blast. I had forgotten how much fun you can have doing this. Now, you have to understand that my boys are grown. My oldest son loves doing it and my youngest son thinks we had lost our minds. I love looking at the pictures of the pumpkins you do. To bad you can't do this all year long. Can't wait to see pictures of the boys all dressed up. Have fun tonight and be safe.