Monday, October 30, 2006

Two For One StormTRACKER Day!

I started the day out heading to Leachville, AR to see the kids at the Migrant Head Start Center. I spoke with a great group of young kids and really had a good time seeing them get excited about the Science experiments that we performed... Once I left there, I went East to Blythville Primary School... continue below...

In Blytheville, I went to Mrs. Simpson's 2nd grade class. They were VERY well behaved and they also had a great time with the science experiments. Mrs. Simpson got to see one of the experiments for the second time. She requested to see the "Mentos/Coke" experiment again. She got to see it last year when she taught at Gosnell Elementary and she wanted to make sure that her kids this year got to see it too. It was a little risky with the gusty winds, but I stayed dry! I had really had a great day traveling around Mississippi County. I will be going back to Mrs. Simpsons class next week to pick up the jacket I left! Forgetful me!

Have a great day!


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