Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Marmaduke Visit

I had a GREAT day in Marmaduke today! This was my first chance to talk with some of the kids since the massive tornado hit the small community back in April. It was odd to talk to such a large group of kids that have experienced a tornado first-hand. There's not much you can pass along to them about tornado safety... they know what to do! Not one person died on April 2 in Marmaduke, depsite it being a MAJOR tornado. That is amazing! If you are not from Region 8 and you have not heard about the Marmaduke tornado, go back and look at the archives from April 2006 on the blog! Here are some of the pictures from today. I even ate lunch there and got an extra roll! WoOHoo!!!

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Anonymous said...

My son attends school at Marmaduke and is actually in the top picture. He is, now , probably the biggest Ryan Vaughan fan in Region 8. He says that Ryan is really cool. He was very excited about the visit. Since April he is really interested in the weather and even more so since meeting Ryan. Keep up the good work.