Friday, December 22, 2006

Still Expecting Some Flakes...

I'm off work, but the weather geek in me wants to look at weather data at midnight! I don't even go back to work until Monday afternoon, but I want to know if it will snow too! The above image is a screen capture of the BUFKIT program that I talked about a few weeks back. Looking at the latest data from the GFS, we could changeover to some snow Christmas night. This is something we have been hinting at for a few days, but have not really had the guts to mention much on the TV.

The bottom image is a screen capture of some new info I look at. . . It's a snow algorithm using the GFS BUFKIT data files. It is indicating a changeover to snow on Monday night too and 1.6" of accumulation. I'm still not sold on an accumulating snowfall, but seeing some flakes falling is not be out of the question!

We'll see what happens!


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