Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Let's Talk Weather...

It's dry and temperatures are above average now, BUT that will be changing soon. Below is the estimated rainfall from the HPC. If you notice, they are expecting 4"+ of rainfall across parts of Arkansas. I think they are right on track with this forecast. I think all of Region 8 will see 3-4" of rain with some isolated areas seeing a little more. I think we will see flooding in some areas and weather will be the "news" story of the weekend unfortunately....What about the cold air? Manyof you havebeen asking when we will see some cold weather and when we will see some snow... Here's one of the emails that I got Monday...

Ryan, I have noticed since the first of January that the forecasters have been putting us in the very cold temps day and night and have been taking snow in and out of forecast for somewhere around next weekend. 15th through 21st. What are your thoughts and will you be blogging on it soon.
Thanks, David Powell

Well David... it is going to get colder, but I'm not sold on the idea of snow...yet. The map below shows the temperatures at the 850mb level... which is roughly 5,000 feet above us. We use this and other indicators to see what the temperature will be at the surface. If you notice, there is a lot of "purple" coming into Arakansas. That's the cold air! By the way, this map is for Tuesday morning. I know what many of you are thinking... and here's your answer: The cold air is arriving AFTER the precip moves out it appears. I'll keep you posted if that changes! LOL

Finally, we also have to worry about severe weather. When all of this mess clashes together this weekend, the environament may be right for some strong storms. I'm not really worked up over it yet, but we'll be monitoring the weather closely.... Here's the area that the SPC has highlighted as of today...
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