Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bloopers and a Baby!

First off, I found a funny blooper from one of our Raycom sister stations in Cleveland. Take a look.... (and then keep reading below!)

If you want to see one more blooper, check this out. Ha! We have not had any bloopers at KAIT this week... at least not on-air! It has been a very trying week at work! I'm sure many of you have had "those" types of weeks. . . Right?

Anywho, a blogger baby was born! (not me) A fellow blogger from Alabama had her baby on the 13th. Full story can be found in her blog under by "Other Blog" links...

Have a great week! (Is it Friday yet?) I'm so ready for the weekend!



Anonymous said...

re: the Cleveland "blooper" -- Beware the Craighead Co. Fair... At our house we're always expecting something like that to happen during your live footage at fair week, especially if Bob Snell is interviewing someone. But it probably won't ever happen, cause everyone in Arkansas remembers that they've got a grandad who'd whup their butt if they ever did anything that on TV!

Stacy said...

Thanks, Ryan :)