Friday, February 09, 2007

Let's Get Nerdy For A Moment...

If you click the image above to make it larger, you can follow along as I talk about the weather here in NE Arkansas. This is the BUFKIT program in "overview" mode.

Once again, the timeline goes from right to left. As you can see (also labled on graphic), the rain will come in late on Sunday. Monday looks really wet with 1-2" of RAIN! Temperatures on Monday should stay above freezing and all the precip on Monday will be rain. This will wash away a lot of the salt and ice on the roads. BUT, as cold air comes in... The GFS hints at a change-over to snow.

If this occurs, we could pick up a couple of inches on the backside of this system. The green bars indicate rain and the blue bars indicate snow. The purple and yellow contours are the snow growth regions. IF this plays out, we could get some more accumulation in Region 8. Cold air, good moisture, great snow growth region.... Stay tuned! I'm ready for Spring, but we need one more good snowfall!

I'll keep yah posted! We're off to watch some high school basketball! Have a great night!

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