Monday, February 05, 2007

Superbowl Commercials

So, what did you think? From what I saw, I was not too impressed. I did not see all of them, but I plan to go to back online (here) to look at all of them later today. Click on the"comments" section below and tell me your favorite commercial. Click "Anonymous" if you do not have a blogger account. You may have to enter in the jumbled letters too. That prevents spammers!

My wife and I were talking about how ALL of the commercials use to be kid-friendly and now you have to be ready to change the channel at any point. The commercials weren't HORRIBLE, but even the commercial where everyone slaps each other could make for an interesting night between two brothers. Luckily, my boys were out of the room at that point!

Anywho, at my house... we LOVE football! During football games, we often recreate plays in the living room. My oldest son loves the touchdown dancing and loves doing his own dance too. Here's the catch though... I have to "beatbox" the touchdown dance song. It's totally worth it though! See for yourself:

By the way... GO COLTS!!!! Actually GO MANNING!!!


Anonymous said...

We didn't get to SEE the super bowl (hey, we only get KAIT and PBS!) but we watched the commercials online. I really liked the Coke one where the bad guy video game character turns good. Makes me weep (sob). :D

nana & poppy said...

I thought they were pretty lame this year and I agree, there were many you would not want your children to see. I was not impressed with any of them. They just weren't funny.

graciejo said...

Now thats my boy!!!!!Gets his dance moves from his Graciejo!!!!

Anonymous said...

I did not have a favorite but I love the touchdown dance!!! Nice to know that my family is not the only crazies in the world - haha!