Sunday, February 25, 2007

Zoo Pics...

I promised Zoo pics after the storm and here they are! We went to the Memphis Zoo Friday and had a great time! When I asked my youngest son what his favorite animal was... he did not give me the common "elephant" of "lion" answer. He said the "kinkajou".... He's only 2! I didn't even know what a kinkajou was until Friday! Apparently it has been on Dora and Deigo's show??? Anywho, I strongly recommend a trip to the Memphis Zoo this Spring. By the way, we saw several people from NE Arkansas there! Have a great night! I'm waiting for these goofy awards to end so that we can do a newscast!


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nana & poppy said...

Looks like good times happened at the zoo. Pictures are really good. They are so enthralled with the animals.