Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Almost One Year Ago...

We're working on our one year anniversary special that will look back at the Tornadoes that hit Region 8 on April 2, 2006. It's a day that many of us will always remember. Here's a video clip that was sent to me, which shows the tornado as it hits Marmaduke. I want to thank Marmaduke Police Chief, Steve Franks, for sending me this clip. As you watch it, you will hear the radio stations covering the Tornado as it moved through. Region 8 is VERY blessed to have radio stations that cover severe weather. . . Especially a storm that hit on a Sunday afternoon! We have a partnership with Triple FM, but I give "props" to all of the stations that commit themselves to covering severe weather. When a day like April 2 rolls back around, I hope all of us work together as well as we did that day! I don't care who you listen to, as long as you are informed.

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nana & poppy said...

We need to thank all of our news broadcasting people everywhere. I did not know the hours that were put in until you became a weather man. When severe weather hits you all are up for days and I don't think people realize this. We get so focused on what is happening that we forget about the people that are showing it to us or giving us the warnings. So let me just say thanks again!!!