Saturday, March 31, 2007

Soggy Evening...

I guess we will not be playing outside this evening! A TOAD STRANGLER swept through and turned my backyard into a swamp! If you are wondering about the tall grass and weeds... don't worry... We're killing it all off, tilling up the entire yard, and getting new grass in a couple of weeks. Until then, I could care less what the grass looks like! I can't wait until we get the backyard level, so that the river will not run through the playground!

In other news, we just got back from Nashville. We had a great weekend with family! The kids had the best time, but cried when they left... I guess we'll have to go back soon.

I'm back to work again tomorrow. Does anyone have any good "April Fool's jokes" to play on Craig? Feel free to leave something in the comments section... He never reads the blog!

I'm off to go eat PIZZA!

Take care,

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Anonymous said...

April Fool's suggestions:

1. CRIMESTOPPERS: The case of the Life Saver Thief. Get somebody from JPD to come & apprehend Craig the Life Saver Bandit. Do that red "stamp" across his picture when it's over, too. Justice served.

2. Do a faux news story that IOWA is scrapping all of its University Sports programs.

3. Have crazy stuff on the teleprompter while he's supposed to be reading.

4. Place a whoopie cushion under his chair just before NightBeat is set to begin... better yet, for the early one. He'll be ruined for the rest of the program.

5. Put that Princess Craig Halloween picture back on the screen, with the accompanying news story that Princess Barbie was sighted in Jonesboro.