Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Almost Over...

Well... the severe weather is almost over. As I type this, we have one severe thunderstorm warning left.

It looks like we may have had one or two tornadoes. The NWS will be up here tomorrow to check things out. I may or may not drive over to see the damage tonight. We'll see...

Now it is the News departments story... The "aftermath" falls on them and the weather folks can rest... I'm ready to go home tonight. You can find storm pictures on our website soon... www.kait8.com I had a ton of pictures sent to me! I passed them along to the newsroom. Thanks for sending them. I had WAY too many to post on here.

Before I let you go... I have to pass along one more advisory. See pictures below... Some of my coworkers are really cool. Thanks guys!


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mmmmmm ... birthday cake!