Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Back To Being Called "Daddy"

If you missed the "Dad" versus "Daddy" post, then scroll down and catch up... For those of you that are already up to speed... he started calling me "Daddy" again today! Ha! I'm not old yet!

Now, he needs to learn to stay out of "Daddy's" chair!

Anywho, take care and have a great night. I think I may crack the window and listen to the rain.

PS- There are more signs leading to a "LESS" severe weather day on Friday! That's great news!!! I have plans that I want to keep!


nana & poppy said...

It's really good he's not calling you "Dad" any more so you don't have to feel old. He does have the position right. Like father like son.XOXOXO Just kidding:) They both are like you and that is something to be proud of. He was trying to decide Deal or No Deal.

Graciejo said...

I love it when you include pictures, of the boys, one of the girl every now and then wouldn't hurt. They make my day. Remember you aren't the only one feeling them grow up. (notice I didn't say feel old)