Monday, April 30, 2007

Changes...In TV and Radio

If you watched "Consider This" on the news tonight, then you saw our General Manager talking about the changes that occurred on K8 News today. The most obvious changes to the viewer will be the absence of live interviews on the 5:00 News and the absence of Sports in the 6:00 News.

I would assume that the absence of Sports would be the most noticeable change. From the comments I have heard in the public... it will also be the most controversial change. As Ted Fortenberry said, the changes are based on what the viewers want. In tonight's "Consider This" segment, he asked for your opinion. You can express your opinion by clicking here. You have to scroll down to the comments section.
I'll leave my personal comments to myself at this time. Do not read into that... I am not saying if I agree or disagree with the decision. I'm just saying... no comment.
In other news, I got an email from Kevin Box at KISS FM. Today, East Arkansas Broadcasters bought the stations that Clear Channel owned in Jonesboro. When EAB took over today, they chose not to keep Kevin Box around. I have always liked Kevin and I feel really bad for him and his family. He's a talented guy and I'm sure he'll land on his feet somewhere. I don't have any information on the other DJ's at the former Clear Channel group. Keep Kevin and his family in your prayers.

Outside of the Jonesboro market... General Manager, Mike Sechrist, of WKRN in Nashville will be leaving this week. I don't know the full story, but I wish you the best, Mike. His blog is listed on the left side of my blog.

Take care and feel free to express your comments by clicking below. I'm always interested in hearing from you. By the way, the blog numbers have sky-rocketed lately! Why???


PS- Grass update coming tomorrow. Pray for the rain to hold off until Wednesday!


The_Weatherman said...

The reason why so many people are on the blog is the weather watchers are logging on. I also say if they take the sports out of the 6 o'clock news it would be a huge mistake. What are they gonna do next, take the weather out ?

Matt Johnson said...

Hey Vaughan, Matt Johnson here. Drew emailed everyone and said that they let him and Bo go as well. I have my own opinions about them takin sports out of the six but im gonna keep quiet for now. Hope all is well in Jonesboogie.

Vicki Lemonds said...

Taking the sports out of the six o'clock news has to be one of the silliest things I've ever heard. *shaking head* I really do wonder what TV execs are thinking sometimes. Though that's mostly network execs.

Anonymous said...

It would make BETTER sense to take sports out of 5p.m. news because that way those that work until 5 p.m. will make it home in time to see a whole newscast. Ultimately, I would prefer to have sports at both times and cut out all the bad news that does not even occur in region 8.

Anonymous said...

To the above poster, they never had sports at five, they had it at six but not five. Also I learned that they let Natalie Rhodes was let go from the stations as well. Most of the KFIN DJ's are gone. The only "On Air" person they have on the KFIN wesite is Terry Wood.