Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Family Time...

Three weeks ago, my stepmom found out that she has Stage 4 cancer. Since then, we have been to Nashville twice and have had some of the best times. Of course, when things like this pop up in life. . . we start to value our time with family more.

In our two visits, we have seen my grandmother (step),my cousin, and her daughters. These are people we occasionally go years without seeing. My grandmother lives in Texas and my cousins live in Ohio. Needless to say, we don't make it to Ohio and Texas too often!

I'm not sure what my point is... Maybe I just want you to appreciate the time you have with your family and friends. I know we have had some great times lately.

Below are some pictures from the last couple of weeks. The first picture is my stepmom, grandmother, sister, and boys. There are not many people that have pictures with their great grandmother! Cool, huh?

The two on the bottom are of my oldest son and his two cousins from Ohio. My Pops made a cameo in one of those photos too!

Take care,


nana & poppy said...

These will be some of the most cherished times of your grown up life. Time with family can not be replaced.(we realize that more each day)I'm not sure why things like this happen, some people say it makes us stronger. Maybe the LORD is trying to seperate us from things of this world, we will know when we see HIM. Just soak up every moment you have with family.

Jenn said...

It has been nice getting together more often. Guess that's what they mean when they say every dark cloud has a silver lining.

On a lighter note, I am totally going to "hit your house" if you ever post another pre-shower picture of me.

Anonymous said...

I appreciated what you had to say today. Have a good day

Diane J. said...

Jenn told me the other day when I talked to her on the phone that she'd cut her hair, and she wasn't kidding!

No matter what may happen to bring you all together more often, treasure every moment you have together. My parents both died with 4 months of one another and even at 40 years old it was one of the hardest things I've ever been through.

Live, love, laugh, cherish, treasure, hug...make those memories for later, when you will cling to them to help you get through those dark days that will come.

Hold on, my child, joy cometh in the morning. Weeping only lasts for the night.