Monday, April 09, 2007

From "Daddy" to "Dad"...

At some point this week, I transitioned from "Daddy" to "Dad"! Isn't that suppose to come later in life? My 4-year-old son started it and (of course) the 2 younger boy started copying his big brother. I like being "Daddy" and I want to keep that name!

Maybe I'm being too sensitive. Maybe it's perfectly normal. Maybe I'll start correcting him and remind him that I am "Daddy" and not "Dad"!

"Dad" sounds older, too. I'm not old enough to be a "Dad"... only old enough to be a "Daddy".

I'll quit babbling... Not much has changed for later this week. It still looks like we will see some strong storms on Friday. Tomorrow and Wednesday's weather should just be rain with a few rumbles of thunder.

Take care,


The Family Impersonator said...

(voice of the elder son)

"Actually, I heard you call P-Sam "Dad", so that's the right way to say it."

Mom/Meemaw said...

Quick, start acting European so that you can instill the right to kiss your sons on their faces in public and be sure to pick them up as often as you can before they get too big to let you.
Love, Mom/Meemaw

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel Ryan.
My 4 yr old went from calling me Mommy to Mom. I'm old enough to be mommy but not old enough to be "mom'. That's what I call my mother! :-)

We miss you in AL! TIA is not the same without you and I loved seeing you on there a few weeks ago.

Hope to see you in AL soon!


nana & poppy said...

well you did just have a birthday!! Maybe he hears you call your father, Dad, so he thinks that is what you should be called. You will always be their Daddy no matter how old you or they get.

Graciejo said...

It is a transition isn't it? The boys are growing up so fast! Whether it's Dad or Daddy, its the excitement and the love that backs it up, you are still their hero, and I think that is a family tradition.

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel Ryan. I don't like it when my daughter calls me "mother". She's a bit older than your boys, but still. Hearing "mother" is about like hearing my full name. I wonder "What have I done now?" :)

Amy and Jeremy Wade said...

I can imagine that it must be quite sad to transition to Dad from Daddy. Like your kids are growing up too fast. I have an 8 month old, and I am just dying to hear the words "Mommy", but the word "Mom" just makes it seem like I am officially old :)